Slavery Reparations Time Is Now!!!!!!!

So now I finally have my first book out. I hope that “Slavery Reparations Time Is Now” will help the people by documenting and exposing clearly what’t up legally when it comes to reparations for slavery. We need comprehensive global African reparations to survive on this planet. Earth has suffered too much and life here gotten too out of balance because of this most massive crime, perpetrated for over 500 years. According to international law, it effectively is the end of capitalism that is legally due as reparations for transatlantic slavery. Even my supervising prof for the dissertation that lies at the base of this my book, could and did not contest this and graded the work with “excellent”. And she is married to a politician of the conservative party in Austria….
Anyhow, now I must get the people exposed to the book, because even the most solid and detailed research for practical improvement of people’s lives has no use if it doesn’t reach the people. So, please if you have any constructive suggestions in that regard, let it be known here. And if you read this and think that it sounds interesting, get the book, share it around and tell a friend… Oh, and it even features never-before-published text quotes by the great Ayi Kwei Armah on the matter of reparations!

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